Not only is it Friday, but here in the US it’s veterans day, which means some of you might not even be working. That reminds me, I better go out and take the mail out of my mailbox since the post isn’t running today.

Here are some fun things to look at over the weekend:

  • ZeroMQ is an older project that I’ve just stumbled upon. It provides an API to just about any programming language for doing distributed work using the actor model. The cool thing is, the same API works locally between threads and processes but can scale up to processes on different machines.

  • I had to rub my eyes and read the headline again, but it’s true, Microsoft contributed patches to Samba.

  • For those of you who haven’t jumped ship to a different compiler Anders Ahlström has compiled a list of the most useful GCC options and extensions.

  • Did you know that you can configure Git to pull from one URL, but push to another? It’s perfect for when you have a submodule configured on a public read-only URL, but want to push to a private read-write URL.

  • Videos to watch: my kids are going to love watching this super slow motion video of a bouncing water droplet, but they won’t appreciate this watching old school video game deaths like I do (via kottke).