This past week has been a blur for me so I’m totally ready for the weekend. The kids and I have been making our way through the Alien films and tonight we’re on number 3. I don’t have fond memories of the movie but I’m sure we’ll have fun.

Hopefully you have some fun planned yourself and the links below will help you kick off the weekend.

  • Anders Evenrud has released what he’s calling OS.js, or what I’d call an operating system emulator. It almost looks like you VNC into his Linux box, but nope, it’s all JS. It even has apps written for it.

  • Emacs users who want to start using version 24 (to be released this spring) should take a look at Bozhidar Batsov’s Emacs Prelude. It’s a set of configuration files and packages sort of like the Emacs starter kit.

  • Itching to write code nobody can read? Back after a rather long hiatus is the International Obfuscated C Code Contest!

  • Looking for a geeky way to put your keys away for the night? Why not build an RJ45 key chain. I recommend wiring it so you can plug it right into a hub or switch.

  • Videos: Astronauts tripping and falling on the moon (via GeekDad) and Simultaneous time lapse video of the sky over 360 days (via kottke).

Have a fun weekend!