This is going to be fun. I haven’t written a Fun Friday article this year and my queue of things to share is sizable. To top it off, I haven’t been keeping my self-imposed quota of at least one article a day, so my general queue of articles to comment on has grown out of control. This post will contain some fun things I want to share as well as a few backlogged articles that are pretty interesting.

  • Want to relive the fun of rebooting older operating systems? The Restart Page has you covered.

  • Developers are religious about the text editor they use, that’s no surprise. Need to vent your anger for Eclipse? Look no further than I Hate Eclipse. If you’re looking for a new text editor Sublime Text 2 Beta is out. Oh, and Emacs is the one true editor.

  • Parse has found an interesting way to filter through resume overload often accompanied by job postings. To apply you have to submit JSON to their API. Smart.

  • Ash Moran wrote an article to help you get your crap together instead of just throwing more developers at the problem.

  • If you’re not up on your diff and patch ninja skills this article walks you through creating and applying patches.

  • Do you find the Java syntax to be too verbose? Eleftheria Drosopoulou says she likes the verbosity of Java because it forces you to understand the code you are using. I can see where she’s coming from but I think the verbosity of the syntax actually impedes its readability.

  • Speaking of Java, Marc Kuo has wrote a series of articles about why he loves Common Lisp and hates Java. Part 1 and Part 2.

  • All Programmers Are Self-Taught is short post about how a computer science education doesn’t actually teach you how to program. I tend to agree but the author is still a student, so maybe he needs to take a few more classes.

That should give you plenty to read over the weekend.